A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This project is on hold, but there's still a lot to do! If you want to take over this project, send me a little mail.

Impetus Spheroid is a dynamic arcade game where you must touch a lively target with your sphere with high momentum. Gravity, time and obstacles will try to stop you, but you can rely on your bonus to overcome them. Try to blow up your score !


Okay, it's just a ball-shooting game, but, to tell you everything, it's just a mini-game to train myself toward more important projects. However, I'll try to start with panache !

And there I need your help: it would be awesome if I could have some feedback about this game, about its gameplay, graphics, bugs (even if I dare you to find one that I don't know!), etc...

And, if you want to be scared or just to laugh a little, the code is available here : http://github.com/Epholys/Impetus-Spheroid

If you want to read some (french) articles about its creation with some details about its conception and programming, or just about video game in general : http://epholys.wordpress.com/

To chat a little, you can send a mail to epholys [at] gmail [dot] com.

And, finally, for social network fans : @Epholys

Install instructions

Windows user:

Just extract the zip file available and run Impetus-Spheroid.exe.

Windows or your antivirus may alert you that this is an unknown executable and refuse to run it, but you can bypass it.

GNU/Linux fanatics, please read the file README-GNULinux.txt

If you're just a newbie just type the following into your command line and start playing:

sudo apt-get install g++ make libsfml-dev

git clone https://github.com/Epholys/Impetus-Spheroid

cd Impetus-Spheroid



If you don't want to clone a git repository, the source are available, but you'll need to install your sfml package and compile the game.


Impetus-Spheroid-v0.3-WINDOWS.zip 1 MB
Impetus-Spheroid-v0.3-LINUX.zip 307 kB

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