A downloadable tool for Windows and Linux

This application is a tool to create and paint L-System in a fully interactive and dynamic way.

"But," you'll say, "why yet another app for L-System? There's a lot of them, and it gets old quickly..."

Thanks for asking the question! Here's why and how this app is different:

  • Fully-interactive: every change done through the interface is immediately visible on the fractal.
  • Rich system of painting: there's a lot of way to paint the tree thanks to painters: linearly, randomly, according to the branches, etc... Everything with arbitrary gradient. And you can have nested painters, for maximum control.
  • Saving and Loading: the L-Systems can be saved and loaded. Around 40 of them are present in the saves.zip files, please take a look!
  • Exporting: you can export the trees a .png files. Huge png files, according to you GPU, like 16 or 32 kilo pixels images!
  • Fast: The app is in C++, so it is fast enough for real-time interactive "medium-size" L-Systems. Medium-size meaning thousands of branches! You can of course go bigger, but your RAM and CPU may die...

This app is currently in a almost-done beta release: open to everyone, but there may be some bugs fixing and interface polishing to do. Don't hesitate to do feedbacks!

Oh, and this is a libre and open-source app, you can see the code on GPL licence in this repo GitHub : https://github.com/Epholys/procgen

Install instructions

Windows: unzip and run lsys.exe

Linux: unzip, `chmod u+x lsys-x86_64.AppImage` and run the AppImage

Both: unzip saves.zip in the executable directory to have almost all of the weekly L-System


lsys-linux_1.0.0-rc1.tar.gz 1 MB
lsys-windows_1.0.0-rc1.zip 856 kB
saves.zip 28 kB